The following text of the User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is addressed to an indefinite number of persons, visitors to the website on the Internet and defines the procedure for using this website, the owner of which is the Limited Liability Company "A1 Consulting" (hereinafter - "Owner"). This Agreement is a public offer in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. Taking conclusive actions by natural persons (hereinafter referred to as the "User", and in the plural "Users") aimed at using the website is considered unconditional acceptance (acceptance) of this Agreement. The User hereby acknowledges that acceptance of the Agreement is equivalent to signing and concluding the Agreement on the terms set forth in this Agreement.

1.1. "Website" (hereinafter - the "Site") is an information resource on the Internet, which is located at the address and contains text, graphics and other information, which is perceived as a single entity, and is supported by a complex of system software tools.

1.2. «Контент» – інформаційне оформлення Сайту, що включає в себе: вебінари, фонограми, відеограми, текстові, графічні, аудіовізуальні або будь-які інші матеріали.

1.2. "Content" - the information design of the Site, which includes: webinars, phonograms, videograms, text, graphics, audiovisual or any other materials.

1.3. "User" is any natural person who has ever accessed the Site and has reached the legal age to accept this Agreement.

1.4. "Party" or collectively "Parties" - User and/or Owner.

1.5. "Services" (Site services) - any services offered on the Owner's Site.

2.1. By accessing the Owner's Site, the User agrees to comply with all the terms of this Agreement. This Agreement is a legally binding agreement between the User and the Owner, the subject of which is to provide the User with free services for using the Site.

2.2. Limits of use of the Site by Users are set by the Owner at its own discretion.

2.3. This Agreement may be changed and/or supplemented by the Site Owner unilaterally without any notification to the Users. This Agreement is an open and publicly available document.

2.4. Users are obliged to familiarize themselves with the content of this Agreement before each use of the Site. If the User continues to use the Site after the publication of the changed and/or supplemented content of this Agreement, it means that the User agrees to comply with the terms of the Agreement with all its changes and/or additions.

2.5. In case of making significant changes to the Agreement, the Owner will post a notice on the Site and indicate the date of entry into force of these changes. If within the specified period the User does not refuse to accept these changes in writing, it will mean that the User has agreed to the relevant changes to the Agreement.

3.1. The content published on the Site is intended for personal non-commercial use by the User. All Content published on the Site, including but not limited to: news, photographs, images, illustrations, audio and video clips, is protected by copyright and is owned or controlled by the Owner or the party that is the author of the Content. The User of the Site must comply with all additional copyright notices, information or restrictions contained on any page of the Site.

3.2. Users have no right to change, publish, transfer, participate in the transfer or sale, reproduce (except for the cases provided for in clause 4.4. of this Agreement), create new works, distribute, perform, or in any way use the content of the Site (including software) in whole or in part.

3.3. Commercial (brand) names, trademarks, etc. of the Owner or third parties, protected by rights to such objects of intellectual property. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel or otherwise, any license or right to use any trademark, patent, design right or copyright of the Owner or any third party.

4.1. The User is obliged to use the Site and/or use the Services offered on the Site in an order that complies with the legislation, the Agreement and the specifics of a particular Service, as well as in accordance with the principles of social coexistence and acceptable norms.

4.2. It is forbidden to upload, distribute and publish Content of any defamatory, offensive, obscene, pornographic or other illegal material; advertising, commercial messages, messages with repetitive content (spam), messages that do not have an information load and do not relate to the subject of the Site or any other misleading information, as well as Content that may cause any interference in operation or damage to IT systems.

4.4. The User may download or copy the content of the Site, other components and elements displayed on the Site for personal use only, subject to compliance with all copyright and other notices contained therein. The use of any Content for other than personal use without the prior written consent of the Site Owner and third parties who own the intellectual property rights to the Content is strictly prohibited.

4.5. Internet editions, mobile applications are allowed to use the information posted on the Site free of charge, provided that the hyperlink is open and the original source is mentioned no lower than the first paragraph and no more than one and a half thousand characters of the original text. The use of a larger volume of text is possible only with the written permission of the Owner.

4.6. The use of information means any reproduction, republication, distribution, processing, translation, inclusion of its parts in other works and other methods provided for by the Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights".

4.7. The User may not disclose any confidential or official information through the Site.

5.1. The owner declares that he has no control over third-party sites, therefore the User accesses them solely at his own risk. The User acknowledges and agrees that the Owner bears no responsibility for the accessibility of such sites and their Content, as well as for any consequences related to the use of the Content of third-party sites.

6.1. By providing his personal data in any form to the Owner, the User expresses his consent to the processing of personal data by the Site Owner in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Personal Data". The processing of the User's personal data is regulated by the current legislation of Ukraine and the Privacy Policy, and includes the right of the Site Owner to take actions with the User's personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

7.1. User responsibility:
7.1.1. The user is solely responsible for any use of the information available on the Site.

7.1.2. The User is personally responsible to the Owner and/or third parties for their actions or inactions when using the Site.

7.1.3. The User undertakes to independently and at his own expense settle all claims of third parties related to the User's action or inaction while using the Site.

7.2. Responsibility of the Owner:
7.2.1. The owner is not responsible for the use of information posted on the Site by third parties, including its copying, reproduction and distribution, both within the Site and in other possible ways.

7.2.2. The owner does not compensate for direct or indirect damage caused to the User or third parties as a result of use or non-use, including inability to use the Site.

7.2.3. The Owner does not undertake to check, change and control the information that is placed by anyone on the Site without the consent of the Owner, does not guarantee and is not responsible for the reliability of the information, its legality, quality and compliance with the specific requests and needs of the Site Users.

7.2.4. The owner is not responsible for the content of sites that do not belong to him, links to which may be present on the Site, and does not guarantee their availability, correct operation and compliance with the stated topic.

8.1. This Agreement is applied in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. Any disputes regarding the implementation of this Agreement will be resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the current legislation of Ukraine.